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Established in 1974, Riverwood was the first Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) congregation in Tuscaloosa. However, its historical roots extend much deeper into Christian history. Following the Reformers of the sixteenth century (such as John Calvin and Martin Luther), Riverwood seeks to be a body of believers who strive to believe what Christians have believed for centuries. Just as the Reformers steeped themselves in orthodoxy and resisted any other way to heaven except by justification through faith, today’s church is called to do the same. Novelty, new traditions, moralism, hedonism, and irresponsible interpretation of God’s Word have clouded the message of the Gospel to many within evangelical churches. In recognition of the Church’s tendency to stray from the simple and beautiful message of the Gospel, Riverwood is committed to being “reformed, yet always reforming.”

Please browse through our site, and feel free to visit us, if you are ever in Tuscaloosa. Soli Deo Gloria


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