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May 23, 2009

Culture Wars

schizophrenia in America

by Peggy Drinkard

One of Webster’s definitions for schizophrenia is “the presense of mutually contradictory or antagonistic parts or qualities.” Francis Shaeffer used the word to describe American culture. This came home to me when I heard on yesterday’s news about the ” international manhunt” mounted to track down a woman and her son who fled their home and, I suppose, their state, because the boy has cancer and neither he nor his parents want him to undergo chemotherapy. His doctor says it could save his life and obtained a court order to force him to have the chemo. The family’s faith and thoughts on holistic medicine cause them to want to try other things. The merits of their beliefs are neither here nor there. What is so absurd to me is the expense the government is going to to track down this family and force them to do something to, supposedly, save the boy’s life. Now, I’m sure this mother wants to save her son’s life. She just disagrees about how to go about that. The doctor was on the television discussing how difficult it was going to be, once they found the boy, to administer the chemo if he resisted. At the same time this drama plays out, all over our country, day in and day out, our government guarantees other women the right to end the life of their unborn children. This is an inalienble right today, and millions and millions of dollars are spent to end the lives of unborn, and sometimes almost born or actually born unwanted infants. While some women can legallly murder their young, this woman is not allowed to try and save her son by the means she thinks best. I find it mind boggling to try and understand how these govenment policies and interventions can coexist.

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