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August 26, 2010


D-Dub Tattoos and Videos

by Tim Lien


When historians discuss “the mark stamped on the American evangelical landscape,” by pastor-theologian-rabble-rouser Douglas Wilson, they will inevitably stumble across the current, trending oddity of his most ardent fans: Douglas Wilson tattoos. Apparently, “D-Dub” tattoos are cropping up in Pullman and Orlandoâ?? and all points in between.

Robert Cahill, a BestBuy sales associate in Toledo, OH (“and professional blogger”), explains: “I mean, sure, they must know I dig his stuff because I’m on Credenda’s mailing list. But anybody can get Credendaâ??even Ligon Duncan has it discreetly sent to a P.O. box. I wanted something to prove it. You know, let everybody know I’m getting the sub-text, too. I think I’m the only one who gets his jokes around here.”

But not all are so enthusiastic.

Priscilla Pockwell, president of the Pockwell Family Institute and mother of one, suggests that this new trend only reiterates the fact that Mr. Wilsonâ??s message is subversive, destructive, and possibly even interesting. â??Leviticus 19. There. Quote me. Quote Leviticus.â?

Although three burly guards denied us access to the Wilson compound, Nancy Wilsonâ??s bullet-proofed Suburban breezed by the front gate, paused momentarily, and then the window lowered half-way. A shout came from within: â??Mine says D-Dubby!â? and then we were left amidst vapors of high-octane exhaust.

Faced with a new litmus test for D-Dub support, followers have begun to question their own commitment that they had assumed was complete and wholesome. To get the tattoo or not get the tattoo?

Sensing the impending crisis, Canon Press offers an alternative: CanonWired. Here in bite-sized videos, followers can inject D-Dub directly into their veinsâ??with no headache or Panama-City-license-plate as a souvenir. Check it out. Seriously, check out the CanonWired.

[Author’s note: the preceding is a parody. Therefore, consistent with the genre, all events and names are complete fabrications. The CanonWired part is real— and very good, for that matter. I hope this clears things up.]

1. On or around Aug 27, 2010 at 9:23 a.m. pdrinkard said...

Assuming the issue of tattoos will be addressed in the upcoming Leviticus series. So timely, too.

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