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August 19, 2011

Culture Wars

We Believe in Reason! (Until We Don’t)

by Tim Lien

Talk to any semi-educated humanist, and they will lead you to believe that they have a domineering market share on cold-logic, reasonableness (not a word?, ok.) Let reason be the guiding rule. Let logic and rationalitiy be the beacon to light the way. “I’m interested,” says the reasonable Calvinist.

Read this: (Re: twin reduction abortions) And if you have 45 more seconds of Internet-time, read the comments below. What trumps reason, logic, and rationality? Choice. Personal choice. They admit the woman’s logic is screwy, but appeal to her “right.” That’s the Ace card, not rationality. Do not mistake humanism for some logic class on steroids. Boiled down: “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” The guiding principle is self-determined truth, self-rightness.

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