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With the slow death of the VCR and Hi-Fi tape, a phoenix arises from their ashes— Riverwood has gone completely digital. You may acquire the sermons preached at Riverwood in several different ways:

  • You may stream them from your computer by simply clicking on the desired sermon link.
  • You can click on the specific sermon, right click on the link that says “download MP3” and select the item that reads “Save Target As…”
  • For all of the iPod savvy, you can drag the podcast icon over to iTunes.
  • And if all that is entirely too confusing, please contact our church office at 205.758.8706 and someone will arrange to have a CD mailed to your home within a few business days.

See all archived sermons.

Date Sermon Title Scripture Reference Speaker Listen
06/18/2017 Small Things, Big God Ezra 3:8-13 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
06/11/2017 Blood Bath Ezra 3:1-7 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
06/04/2017 Moving Day Ezra 1 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
06/04/2017 Names, Names, Names, a God of Details. Ezra 2 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
05/28/2017 God’s View of You Exodus 19:1-6 Rev. Todd Gothard listen online
05/21/2017 A Well Built Life Luke 6:46-49 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
05/21/2017 Speaking God’s Love Language John 14:15-21 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
05/07/2017 Dividends that Identify Luke 6:43-45 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
04/23/2017 Gritty, Gracious, Gratuitous Love Luke 6:27-36 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
04/16/2017 Sunday School John 20:29, Luke 24:13-35 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
04/09/2017 A Paradoxical Procession Luke 19:28-44 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
04/02/2017 The Good Life Luke 6:17-26 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
03/26/2017 Mimicking God to Stop Bening God Luke 6:1-11 Rev. Stewart Swain listen online
03/19/2017 Something Old, Something New Luke 5:33-39 Rev. Jeff Pate listen online
03/12/2017 The Mark of the Christian – An Extraordinary Love John 13:33-35 Dr . Thad James listen online

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