Supported Missionaries

Riverwood is, and always has been, a missions minded church, taking very seriously the Lord's command to go to all the nations, including our own, with the blessed Gospel. To this end, we support missionaries with our money, with exposure to our people and always with prayer. Below are fifteen current ministries we are supporting, including three who are sons and daughters of this church. Everyone is asked to join in the effort to send out the message of salvation to the world.

  • Beth Nicolson Almeida in Texas
  • Harold & Sarah Schepian in the United Kingdom
  • Robert & Kim King in Papua New Guinea
  • Steve & Amy Robertson in Chile
  • Ben & Dawn Robertson at William & Mary University
  • Tom & Connie Edwards in Birmingham
  • Grant and Camille Carroll at Jacksonville State University
  • Stewart Swain at the University of Alabama
  • Glen & Frances Camenisch in Portugal
  • Susan Wood in Portugal
  • Chuck & Michelle Tarter in Ireland
  • Caleb & Mi Young Cheon in Asia
  • RUF at Alabama A&M
  • Palmer Home
  • The King's Home
  • Sav-A-Life
  • Ridge Haven Camp

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