The largest building on the property is the Sanctuary and corporate worship begins here at 10:30 a.m. As you enter, greeters will provide you with a worship bulletin for the morning’s service. Our desire in corporate worship is to honor God and edify those gathered through a worship service that is biblical, reverent, participatory, and joyful. These outcomes are the fruit of our focus in worship being on God Himself. This focus drives us to adoration of Him, confession of our sin, a readiness to hear the gospel of salvation through the work of Jesus Christ, reliance on the transformational work of the Holy Spirit, and a response to God’s gracious love by serving him and our neighbors. Each service is centered around Word and Sacrament as we rest in the finished work of Christ, are being renewed by the Spirit and respond to the Father’s love.


At Riverwood, we welcome children of all ages in the corporate worship service. Parents who choose to bring young children into worship with them often bring quiet activities and snacks to help their child. Sometimes, parents feel the need to move into the narthex if they think their child is being disruptive. This room is just off of the sanctuary and has speakers to allow you to still hear what is happening inside. We understand the challenges that come with parenting in worship and are not put off by the sounds and movement required in doing so.  Other parents prefer to utilize the nursery and toddler rooms. We provide nursery for 0-23 months and a toddler room for 2 & 3 year olds.  These rooms are in the downstairs of the Education Wing which is the building on the immediate right when you enter the parking lot.  A copy of the Nursery Guidelines is available underneath the tabs – Ministries - Children.  


How should I dress and why is the pastor wearing a robe? Each Sunday morning at Riverwood, you will find people of various ages and stages in life gathered to worship God as one body. Within this congregation there are some who choose to dress casually and others who dress more formally. Our desire is that God’s people come clothed in humility with a sincere desire to know and follow Christ. When the service begins, you will see that our pastor wears a robe. This is not done to elevate the pastor but to indicate that he has been called to a specific ministry within the church. As he proclaims the Word of God and administers the Sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, he serves as God’s steward. The ministerial robe is not one of prestige but that of a servant.