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Winter 2016

In this month’s issue:

Serving the Unserved by Dr. Glenn Waddell 
Freedom in Bondage by Rev. Jeff Pate 
The Least of These by Jimmy Hopper 
The Sum of All Fears by Peggy Drinkard 
First Grade Story by Adam Condra
Mission Minded or Absent Minded by Mickey DeHaan
(Deus) Ex Machina by Jimmy Hopper 
Solace in God’s Sovereignty by Brad Yarbro

Salt & Light is a monthly publication of Riverwood Presbyterian Church. Under the direction of Ruling Elder, Jimmy Hopper, Salt and Light contains articles on theology, critiques, book and movie reviews, cultural interaction, essays, and regular features. The magazine is a ministry of Riverwood Church and keeps the covenant community, friends and others interested in these matters spiritually encouraged and intellectually stimulated.