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Spring/Summer 2018

In this month’s issue:

American Marriage by Jimmy Hopper
When We Were Young by Jeff Pate
A Divine Tattoo by Dr. Robert Thornton
Sunday Morning Emotions by Jeff Pate
Mercy Ministry and the Gift of Cognitive Dissonance by Dr. Greg Vander Wal
Through Faith and Patience: A Tribute to Catherine Walker by Peggy Drinkard
The Confessional Church by Tim Skaar
The Bittersweet Feast by Daniel Page

Salt & Light is a publication of Riverwood Presbyterian Church. Under the direction of Ruling Elder, Jimmy Hopper, Salt and Light contains articles on theology, critiques, book and movie reviews, cultural interaction, essays, and regular features. The magazine is a ministry of Riverwood Church and keeps the covenant community, friends and others interested in these matters spiritually encouraged and intellectually stimulated.